We are a fast growing supplier of frozen fruits, vegetables, and grains for the retail, industrial, and foodservice markets


Large retailers choose Agriko as their preferred supplier of fruits, vegetables, grains, chicken, and eggs. With a broad line of products and capabilities, our product development team works with our retail customers to bring new and unique products to market. Our reputation is built on our reliable supply chain and our focus on food safety assurance. Our dedication to socially responsible growing, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation gives our customers the confidence to place more reliance on us. 


Our extensive line of products and strong supplier partnerships helps us to maintain price competitiveness and assure supply availability for our industrial customers throughout the year. By establishing direct partnerships with suppliers, we minimize costs and optimize our ability to supply products. Proven safety programs make us the clear choice for customers. Companies focused on sustainability and socially responsible practices usually found Agriko as an interesting and reliable partners.


Agriko provides a wide line of products to foodservice companies by leveraging on our expertise to provide our foodservice customers with safe, high quality products paired with reliable service and delivery.

With proven safety programs, and a long-established policy of operating in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, Agriko is the clear choice for modern foodservice companies.